A little about me

So, to not waste your time….

I grew up in Perth. Did the Film School thing. Flew to the UK. Lived in Glasgow. First entered the industry as a ‘Camera Trainee’, and realised Film School never taught me anything. Then lived in London. Then flew back to Perth, made a leap into the position as a Focus Puller. Worked there for about 4 years, then moved to Melbourne. Kept working as a focus puller for another 4 years, and then made the final leap into Cinematography.

Thats pretty much it. So far I have loved every step of the way. I feel very privileged that this industry has taken me all around the world, for the valuable knowledge passed on to me by the very skilled DOP’s and technicians I have had the pleasure to work with. You know who you are, and thank you.

Now as a Cinematographer, at the heart of it, I love the collaboration which goes in to making images . Images which have the ability to tell stories.

Stories to entertain, inform and inspire.